Best Free Strategy Games for PC

Today we bring you a list of the best free computer strategy games. We have everything from open source versions of well-known games to classic released games, through original titles of various subgenre types related to strategy. Some of them will also be available on mobile, but the common denominator of the entire selection is that it can be played from the PC, either natively or via the web.


best free strategy games

Since there are some subgenres such as letters or MOBAs that already have an infinite number of titles, we have searched only the most representative ones. The members of the Xataka and VidaExtra team have collaborated on the list, but despite that, it is possible that we have missed some essential, feel free to leave us your recommendations in the comments section.


We started strong with ‘Starcraft II’, one of the best and most popular real-time strategy games in history. In fact, it has a place in the list of best games of this genre that has ever been created by VidaExtra. Since a few months, the game became Free-to-Play, so it is a mandatory stop for those who want to spend hours and hours playing without spending a single euro.

Making use of a competent AI, controlling the fragile Terrans, invading with the disgusting zergs or learning from the intelligent Protoss leaves sequels. Do not forget to give it a try.


‘Battle for Wesnoth’ is one of the classic games of the open-source world. In fact, since 2007 it has been a must for GNU / Linux gamers, although it also has versions for macOS and Windows.

The game itself falls within the genre of turn-based strategy and set in a fantasy world, and features a total of 17 single-player campaigns and dozens of maps for its multiplayer mode. You will like it if you are looking for a mix of titles like ‘Advance Wars’ or ‘Fire Emblem’, with graphics that are not very demanding to work without problem almost on any computer.


And if we talk about open source games we should also mention ‘Freeciv’. It is a title inspired by the saga ‘Civilization’, with the same game system but with quite old graphics … which also helps it to run well even on the oldest computers.

The development of the game is perfectly active. In fact, after three years of work this summer they have released their version Freeciv 2.6.0. In this case the game available for both GNU / Linux and Windows.

And if ‘Freeciv’ is a free alternative to ‘Civilization’, we also have ‘0 AD’ a good alternative to ‘Age of Empires’. It is a free, open-source, real-time strategy game about historical wars and ancient economies. It is cross-platform and is available for Windows, macOS, GNU / Linux and OpenBSD.


And continuing with the free and open-source alternatives we have ‘Open Transport Tycoon’ or ‘Open TTD’, which is a simulation and strategy game based on the mythical ‘Transport Tycoon Deluxe’. The game tries to imitate the original title as faithfully as possible while extending it with new features.

What you have to do with the game is basically to create a city paying attention to its means of transport, organizing everything in the most efficient way possible. ‘Open Transport Tycoon’ is cross-platform, and is available for Windows, macOS, GNU / Linux and OpenBSD.

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