Best Features of The Xiaomi Folding Smartphone

This year, without a doubt, foldable smartphones have been one of the great technological trends in the mobile sector along with the development of 5G networks. In fact, during the Mobile World Congress 2019 held in Barcelona, we have seen how the folding mobiles of companies such as Samsung or Huawei have been the protagonists.

Xiaomi Folding Smartphone

Following Samsung’s confirmation at its 2018 annual conference of the commercial launch of the Galaxy F, its first folding device, [Huawei also introduced the Mate X] (, although We were expectant at the announcement of Xiaomi.

The company has not yet officially confirmed the date of its launch, but just a few months ago the Chinese social network Weibo showed the first renders of the company’s folding mobile.

New 3D Renders

The Xiaomi folding mobile was announced at the beginning of the year after the announcement of the rest of the companies, and in March it presented a design patent with sketches that showed a triple-screen device. LetsGoDigital experts have published 3D renderings of patents to analyze the characteristics of the next smartphone of the Chinese company.

New 3D Renders

First of all, as we knew, the design has a triple flexible and foldable screen capable of becoming a tablet and smartphone. When the device is deployed, the screen is 7.3 inches and we can see a vertical camera system in the back area with three sensors. However, we do not appreciate a selfie camera in the front, although that may mean that it is integrated into the screen itself.

On the other hand, in the back area, there is a USB-C type connection port although it does not have a headphone jack, something common in the latest smartphones in the market. Regarding its technical characteristics, the new Xiaomi device will include a 4,000 mAh battery with a 100-watt fast charge and will allow 5G connections.

We still do not know when they will announce the date of its launch, nor its price, but we assume that it will follow its marketing strategy and sell the folding device at a lower price than that of its competitors.

Best Features Of AC Market

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ac market

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AC Market Main Features

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ac market features

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