How To Hide Photos On Android And Protect Them With Fingerprint

Who else and who least has a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor in their possession. For a long time this feature has ceased to be an exclusive feature of the high-end Android and appears in all types of smartphones, from those that cost more than 1000 euros and use to house it under the glass, to terminals of 200 euros that use a more classic format and host the biometric sensor at the back of the terminal.

Thanks to this fingerprint sensor, we can unlock the device without having to use an unlock pattern or a numeric password. But in addition to this, we can make use of applications that allow us to protect the content housed in them using our fingerprints. Some of the most interesting ones, like the one we bring you today, allow hiding the photos and videos of the device.


Protect Your Mobile Applications With Your Fingerprint

Obviously, we can protect our images and clips also by pattern or password, but the most interesting thing of the whole app is the support for biometric passwords, that is, our fingerprints. Next, we leave you the download link:

How To Hide Photos With Your Fingerprint

Using this application you have the opportunity to maintain a gallery, let’s say “shared”. You can store all your photos and be publicly visible, and in case you need to lend your mobile to friends, family or colleagues. However, the application has a tab called “Invisible” where you can only access your fingerprint. there you can host all the photographs that you do not want anyone to see.

To hide photos and videos in Android, you must first download the app from the link that we leave a few lines above and then grant the app the necessary permissions. Obviously, access to the fingerprint sensor is essential. The first time you use it, when you access the “Invisible” tab, you will be asked for permission to register your fingerprint. Once granted, when you switch between the two tabs, you can only access the hidden photos by placing your finger on the biometric sensor.

Once you have the footprint entered and you are in the invisible tab, you can import photos to this folder so that they disappear from the public visibility tab. In addition, you can host content directly in the private tab from third-party applications through the “Share” button.

It also has a “Fake” mode to host false images and not discover your hidden images to the most curious.

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