How To Send Money Through WhatsApp

WhatsApp Pay is the expected feature, already active in India, that will allow us to pay for our purchases through the instant messaging app or complete payments without the need to leave the app. This option of the platform is not yet available, but this does not mean that we can not receive and send money through WhatsApp.

money on whatsapp

In order to do so, we will have to install the BBVA app, which allows us to install a … let’s say, Ā«pluginĀ», a tool on your smartphone to pay directly to a friend via Bizum directly in a WhatsApp group, without having to wait for the platform to release WhatsApp Pay in Spain or have to go to an ATM to pay our debts.

Setting up the BBVA app to send money through WhatsApp

Once you have downloaded the app and you have become a customer from it, you must activate Bizum to receive and send money via WhatsApp. From within the app, go to the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and click on ” do an operation “, and then choose Bizum. Then, in the service settings, you have to confirm both the mobile number and the account where the operations will be loaded.

Configure WhatsApp to work with Bizum

Before sending money through WhatsApp, you have to configure the mobile to make Bizum compatible with the messaging app. Since the tool uses the keyboard, from the settings on Android and iOS, the new BBVA Cash up keyboard must be added to appear as an alternative available in messaging applications. In Android, we can do it by opening the keyboard selection options as we type, and in iOS by clicking on the sphere icon on the lower left as we type.

Once we have added and selected the keyboard, with the same open we can send money by WhatsApp using Bizum. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Select the contact
  • Enter the amount
  • If you are requested, type your access code to the BBVA applications
  • Enter the password you will receive by SMS

To return to the usual QWERTY keyboard, you must undo the previous operation in both iOS and Android. When you have to send money through WhatsApp simply repeat the operation by selecting the BBVA Cashup the keyboard.

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